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01 October 2009

Wedding Cake Blues

I love this cake. I love the look and feel of it. It's simple and elegant and just perfect. (Well, without the sprig on top of it, that is.) If i were to have this cake for our wedding, it would be a lighter blue color. and with our own cake topper on it.

I've been in contact with a few bakeries in Las Vegas for cake quotes. Namely Retro Bakery, Amatos Bakery, Freed's Bakery, and a few others.

My biggest problem is the word "wedding" - as soon as i mention it, prices double or even triple. Yes, the wedding industry is lucrative, but i am on a ridiculously tiny budget! With my MBA graduation in May, Steve's beginning grad school in August (hopefully) and a move somewhere in there, we just don't have extra money to spare. It's getting frustrating.

I asked for grocery stores and yummy cake bakeries on Twitter and got a few names. The question will be... do I really trust ordering a cake from across the country without tasting it? And do we really need a cake? Can't we just have dessert at a restaurant after the ceremony?