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24 November 2009

Our Hotel is Booked!

You read that right! This morning I received a DM from the @LuxorLV twitter account telling me to hang tight, that their Twitter Tuesday rates would be published shortly. I've been all over twitter the last few weeks asking which hotel we should stay in: the Luxor or Excalibur, the Luxor or Flamingo, the Flamingo or Tahiti... you get the drift.  Well, the Luxor has been on my short list for a while, and actually kept retweeting my questions out the their follower base.

Today, when the twitter-only rates were published, I was floored. I was able to book a Tower Luxury Suite for not much more than the normal price of the Tower Deluxe room.

Yes, we are staying in a huge suite that is larger than my first apartment in North Carolina for 4 nights. We will have plenty of room for the cupcakes and wine reception I'm envisioning. Also, with as big as the room is and as pretty as the pictures are, we can totally have the ceremony and take professional pictures in the room!

This after I emailed the link to this top secret special deals page to all our Vegas invitees and some have checked it out and booked their room already! I actually wonder if I should bother to get a room block. I should email again and see who hasn't booked yet and if they want to book there and then decide. 

When I was chatting with my younger brother's girlfriend earlier, she was telling me all these places they (she) want to visit during our Vegas trip. We're totally doing the Hoover Dam, Grand Canyon, Red Rock Canyon and Zappos! Where else should we go?

Bon Jovi Obsession

Whether you are aware of it or not, I am the biggest Bon Jovi fan. Ok, not THE biggest, but still pretty big considering I am still in love with an 80s hair band. However, they’re older, have more marriages (and divorces) under their belts, have a new image, and, best of all, have a slew of albums! Their latest, The Circle, is simply amazing. Yes, I am the girl that buys their CDs on the day they come out. And I don’t buy CDs! The only ones I ever buy are for Bon Jovi.

Y’all should all know by now – if you’ve been following me from the start at least – that I am graduating from East Carolina with my MBA in May. May 7th to be exact. It’s been a very long 5 year online only process through East Carolina. What does this possibly have to do with Bon Jovi? Well, due to the proximity of their North America tour in cities Jen and I can attend or graduation... I basically have to pick between attending graduation and meeting all the friends and faculty that have helped and guided me throughout the years or attending my and Jen’s 6th(?) Bon Jovi concert together since high school.

And that’s about as tough a decision as a girl’s got to make. Do I fly to Miami and attend that show with Jen and Diana, or make them come up here to attend the Charlotte show since it's the closest one to me? Jen already said she’s got the same dilemma between Bon Jovi in Charlotte or attending my graduation. *sigh* annoying.

Enter the glory of Twitter and finding out this morning that one of the funniest tweeter/ blogger’s, @Momspective, is giving away a pair of tickets to the Charlotte show. I am doing everything I possibly can do to win this pair of tickets. Seriously. I’ve followed her blog, friended her on Facebook, tweeted about it, and now am blogging about it myself.

Yes, I am desperate for these tickets. Because weighing Bon Jovi against graduation is seriously one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do. It breaks my heart thinking I might have to miss them in concert. But... 5 long years and $75K later, I am finally graduating.

23 November 2009

Another Dress Choice

Yes, yes, I know it's been a while since I've posted. Things are really tight at home, financially, and I feel silly ogling pretty, not to mention expensive, things online for our wedding. Until last night, when right before the snores began, Steve muttered "you're going to be my wife one day" ... *melt*

Ok folks, this is my latest idea: the trumpet flare dress. What are your thoughts on how it'll look on me? One of my bridesmaids is coming to town in December (YAY!!) and I'm thinking I might drag her back to DB with me. I adore it in this color, but wonder if it will work well with my ladies also wearing blue. Another alternative is Champagne or Orange. Crazy, I know. I'm going to check them out in all the colors next time I venture into DB.

Here is the latest picture of me... what do you think about this dress on this body? (Yes, I'm sideways, but it looks much better on my monitor this way.. haha)

14 November 2009

#wedding veil progress

I took a study break tonight and got up to row 36 (of 126) in my veil. I love it!

11 November 2009

333 days left

Today is 11.11. Happy Veterans Day!! A very special happy happy to my future hubby. Thanks for serving our country, babe!

Today is also the 20th anniversary of my bat mitzvah (11.11.1989)

The knitted veil is getting no progress lately since my life is wrapped up with school work these days. Homework has been unbelievably insane and, if I drank, would have driven me to drink.

We've had very little progress on the wedding front. I started looking at hotels with our actual wedding date. Apparently 333 days out means hotels can open up reservations! I did a Twitter poll earlier of the Excalibur Tower Deluxe room or the Luxor Tower View room. The people that stuck to those 2 overwhelmingly voted for the Luxor. However, the Venetian, Caesar's Palace, Paris, and MGM Grand all got votes.

I would love nothing more than to splurge on our wedding-moon week in Vegas, but who knows if it's really feasible at this point.  Sure, telling people it's our wedding week might help, but no guarantees. Grrrr. Even our Vegas trip is going to be effing expensive!

What are your thoughts? If you're attending, where would you like to stay? If you're a Vegas-ite, where do you normally stay?

04 November 2009

Wedding Update

Hi! *waves*

Here's the latest happs in our wedding world...

Ketubah: I've been conversing with the very talented Amanda of SwoonOverIt over writing the text for our ketubah. Steve will be drawing the artwork. We've been talking about different ideas for the artwork. These days I'm thinking a mosaic/ collage of us things.. still working on it. Right now I've decided on 12x12 paper and found a great deal at for a 50 pack for $12.99. I'll post examples eventually. I sent a bunch to Amanda for text placement, but I'm not really in love with the designs.  But, promise, examples soon!

Hotels: I've been checking out a bunch of hotels on the Strip.  It seems like the prices change so much from week to week depending on when I check. It would also appear that we're hitting October 2010 within the next few weeks! 

Cupcakes: definitely doing the cupcake tower from Retro Bakery. My only thought now is making the tower myself instead of buying the one from them for $15. It's just a few cake plates, cardboard or Styrofoam, that I could decorate and assemble in Vegas. Who knows?  Like I need another DIY project, right?

I totally started knitting my veil last week. I'm up to about row 27 out of like 130

Ok, I think that's enough for know. Yes?

02 November 2009

Buy me! Take me home! I'm a gorgeous wedding dress!

My dress is currently for sale in 4 locations. Yes, 4. I'm not that original with the titles either. Some offer the veil and slip, some only the slip. Some offer free shipping, some don't. I just want to sell it already. *sigh*  This is getting depressing already. Nwt Taffeta Pick-up Skirt Sweetheart Neck Ballgown New With Tags David's Bridal Wedding Dress T9017, Size 16

eBay: NWT Taffeta Pick-up Skirt Sweetheart Neck Ballgown Classifieds: Nwt Taffeta Pick-up Skirt Sweetheart Neck Ballgown

01 November 2009

Tonight's #wedding #veil progress