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12 August 2009

I See Light!

That will be me on May 7, 2010. (...standing on a cake, surrounded by stars...)

Wow, that date is the day I am officially finished with my MBA and, hopefully, school forever. I started this grad school journey in August 2005, which really does feel like a lifetime ago. In the 4 years it’s been so far, taking 2 classes a semester and 1 this past summer, I managed to hold steady at a GPA of 3.33, all the while working various full-time jobs ranging from 40-55 hours a week.

Steve and I were talking finances at lunch, and jobs. I said we were going to Greenville in May for graduation, and then I started tearing up. I can’t believe it’s so close when, for the longest time, there’s been no end in sight. There is actually a light at the end of the tunnel!

I started digging on the ECU website for more information about graduation. Then I checked Orbitz for hotels and room rates in Greenville. Yes, I am ridiculous enough to book my hotel room 9 months in advance.

So we have the following travel plans for the next 14 months:

  • August 27-30 in Pittsburgh, PA for Kim and Matt’s wedding
  • October 22-24 in New Bern, NC for Abby and Chance’s wedding
  • May 6-9 in Greenville, NC for graduation
  • October 9-15 in Las Vegas for MY wedding
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Anonymous said...

I am all about a trip to Greenville. You did forget to put in your Christmas plans...what are e doing....I know money is an issue...BLAH

Becca said...

i didn't forget to put my Christmas (or Thanksgiving) plans in, cuz i have no idea what we're doing! So... what are we doing? did you talk mom and dad into a road trip Christmas?