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10 August 2009

Wedding Dress Woes

Image Courtesy of IStockPhotoI am giving my dress until April 1 to sell. If it doesn’t sell by then, I will start on alterations to be able to wear it in Vegas in October. I’m unhappy with this decision only because I really am regretting my decision to buy it so soon. I love the dress. LOVE IT. But... where it would have been wonderful to stick in a car and drive to Miami, and have time to hang and get the wrinkles out, it will not be wonderful to cram into a bag, fly across the country and wear the next day in Vegas.

I’m wondering just how short I can have the seamstress make it and still look good and just how much it’s going to cost. Steve really doesn’t want me to sell it. He knows how much I love the dress and that it pains me to sell it. I really wish we had made more plans before I rushed out and bought a $700 dress. Grrrr.

Oh well. I’m clearly not alone with dress regrets. I’ve seen brides all over my blogs buying 2 dresses, or even 3 because they can’t decide what they want. Well, I know the style I want for Vegas and it’s decidedly cheaper then I initially spent. And honestly, it’s not about money in this case. It’s about changed tastes and venues.

The dress is currently listed on with over 1000 views. I tried CraigsList, but that was a bust. I kept renewing the ad but never even got a nibble. Ebay costs too much for the probable no bids that it’ll get. Even with a reserve price, I’m not guaranteed a purchase. A girlfriend of mine bought her dress and 2 months later listed it on Ebay when she bought another and got no bids the 3 or 4 times she kept relisting it. Annoying!

What other sites should I be listing it on? Help?

EDITed to add: Apparently finally got a clue and opened up their Sell a Dress form to include sizes over, like, 12. When I checked in May, I couldn't list my dress due to it being larger than their listings. It will be listed as soon as the lovely manager from the Raleigh David's Bridal store mails me a copy of my receipt. She is amazing and I love her, without ever having met her. She dug into their system from 16 months ago to find my receipt and is mailing it to me.

Image courtesy of iStockPhoto


Dragonsinger said...

Most large hotels have dry cleaning services or can recommend a very reliable one. Talk to your hotel (the conceirge if they have one)

Make arrangements with said either conceirge or dry cleaners to ship your dress out 1-2 wks ahead of time and have it pressed and pick it up or have it delivered when you arrive