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31 August 2009

PA Wedding: A Few Pictures

i haven't uploaded most of our pictures yet, but here's 2 of my favorites from this weekend. does anyone else see a use for the first one? like say on engagement announcements or thank you notes? cuz i totally do! ;)

i have loads more pictures, so there'll probably be lots of random picture posts in the next week or so. the wedding was absolutely gorgeous and Kim and Matt looked amazing! yes, i totally cried during the bridal march even though i'd spent the entire morning with Kim and even laced up her gown. goosebumps and tears. plus, i couldn't look at Steve or i'd have lost it even more. <3

Us at the rehearsal dinner

The Bride and groom on their pastor's motorcycle at the reception


This is me said...

i can totally see that as an engagement picture!