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30 September 2009

She's Really Buying It!

talk about making my day!

Hi Becca!
My check finally came in to get my wedding stuff :) It will have cleared through my checking account by Friday... So I wanted to make sure you still had the dress and if you did get all of the info on how you wanted me to pay you for it!
I am super excited!
Thanks, Emily

I am so stoked! Words can barely describe how happy this makes me. Now to pack it up and wait for the funds to arrive. When I told Steve last week that she was waiting for funds, he was really sad knowing how much I love this dress. But hey, this way I can get something I love even more that I'll maybe be able to wear again. That's a bonus, right?

26 September 2009

More Favor Ideas

Well shoot, another super cute idea! maybe we need to make "Vegas survival kits" complete with water bottles, band-aid's and lip balm! What else should go in the kits?

image source

or maybe this lip balm...
image source

Water Bottle Favors

Contender #1 for Vegas wedding favors:

In this blue with the logo in the post below imprinted in matte silver. They're from Discount Mugs, which has gotten lots of good reviews.

They're 20 ounces and I can wrap the graphic around the whole bottle for the same set-up cost as just one side. The logo as is, is about 4" wide and 3" tall. And, the best part, it would be about $140 for 25 of them. Oddly, for 20 it was more... darn price breaks!

If you were a wedding guest, would you like one of these? Now imagine you were a wedding guest in the desert, you'd totally want one, right? I know I would. :-)

(if you get this tice in your RSS feeds, it's cuz i was testing out posting to my LJ automatically... sorry!)

image source

25 September 2009

Wedding Monogram/ Logo

Look what I made tonight!! I was following a tutorial for something else and figured out that I had this diamond shape in Photoshop all along! I am so pleased with myself. Now I don't have to buy a logo off Etsy. ;-)

I am made of WIN tonight!

22 September 2009

Ketubah's Anyone?

So, I was strolling around blog-land earlier and saw an ad for Ketubah's. I pretty desperately want one. My parents have one, my brother had one, aunts and uncles... you name it, they all have them. I think it's pretty natural that I want one. Oh yeah, and the whole I was raised Jewish thing. I am not a practicing Jew-girl in any way shape or form. I have 5 tattoo's and plan on getting more. I have had body piercings, but will be happy with the ear piercings for the rest of my life. I don't go to synagogue. I am marrying a non-Jewish boy as well. In short, I am a really non-traditional Jewish girl.

I love the Jewish culture and traditions, I just don't believe in organized religion. Neither does Steve. We will be raising our children with all religions for them to choose their own paths. But yet, I still want one of the most traditional things in the Jewish religion.

Of course, the issue of having an Interfaith Marriage sure does add a new twist to this dilemma. It does appear that there are quite a few websites out there that do have Interfaith Ketubah's, so that's good.

A few of the site's that have gorgeous Ketubot:

Image source

20 September 2009

Hand-knit Wedding Veil

No idea why, but I was playing on Ravelry* like I tend to do a few times a week. I am already going to be knitting a garter for Miss Abby's wedding at the end of October, so I was looking up other wedding projects. And stumbled across veils. Holy smokes, how awesome would that be?

The above pattern (LJ link) is my favorite one as it can later be used as a wrap, or a home decoration, and definitely an heirloom for future Benaim-Fletcher generations. It can even be sewn together and used as a small lap blanket/ baby blanket.

Whatcha think? I do have a concern with the weight, but already asked the pattern designer.

Yes, I am a huge DIY fan and figure with over a year until the wedding and school ending for good in May, I should be able to actually complete it! What have you made for your wedding/ friends weddings?

*Ravelry is the greatest website known to knitters and crocheters.. it's got a plethora of patterns and well, it's the candy shop to fiber artists.

17 September 2009

ahhh she's buying it!

I know it's still tentative until I have the cash in hand, but I just got an email follow-up to the one I sent this morning stating she's waiting for the money from her folks and definitely wants to buy it.

I'm so freaking excited that I can barely control myself.

14 September 2009

More Dress Options

I am currently, but not overly actively, working on a 4 page paper due Tuesday for my management science class, a chapter analysis due Wednesday for data management, and worrying about the outcome for my doctor's appointment on Thursday. OK, not so much the latter at the moment as I will be Thursday morning. (It's just for tests to make sure I'm OK, nothing really to worry about but I am not a fan of getting bloodwork or needles. And yes, I do have 5 tattoos, but that's totally different!)

Thanks to the lovely Sarah, I have become obsessed with Lily Wedding. Want to see why? Well here are my top 3 reasons, in order of my love for them... whichever I decide upon (if I go this route) would be ordered in either an Ivory or Pale Gold color. The best part about this site is everything is 100% custom made to your exact specifications.

Style LED0058

Style LWD0121

In potentially awesome news, I have received, and sent, multiple emails to a woman interested in my dress. I'm currently waiting to hear back from her, as I gave her a few days to discuss with her fiance and parents. The good thing is that she tried on the dress in the store and fell in love with it, but didn't buy it.

Also, my birthday is on Wednesday and we're trying to plan a dinner for our local friends. It doesn't seem to be working all that well. So, boo for that. It appears at the moment that it'll be me, Steve, our neighbors (whom I totally adore) and possibly a few others.

08 September 2009

Vegas Hotels

I feel like, even though it’s over a year away, I am at an impasse with our wedding plans. I’ve been price checking hotels with random hypothetical dates since booking for October 2010 hasn’t been opened yet on any website. I asked Steve yesterday if he cared where we stayed. Of course not; I expected nothing less from him. =)

I had looked into the Sahara, the Stratosphere, and a handful of others. Lately, I have been scouring the Treasure Island website and Googling pictures, etc. For not much more than the cheaper hotels, we can stay in a really nice room at Treasure Island.

Granted, I can’t price check airfare yet, but figure it’ll be roughly the same next year. The current plan is to fly out/ check-in on Saturday, October 9th – and head to the court house depending on the time we arrived – and to fly out/ check-out on either Tuesday or Wednesday (12th or 13th), hopefully late in the day to give us more touristy time.

My requirements, in no real order:

  • On the strip
  • Within a few blocks of transportation (bus, monorail, tram)
  • Won’t break the bank (preferably around $600)
  • Pretty room!
The pretty room thing is weird, I know, but I’m thinking we might have the wedding ceremony IN the room then travel somewhere for the rest of the pictures in our wedding package.

Where would/do you stay when heading to Vegas?

03 September 2009

Bridesmaid Hair

This past weekend I tried a new hairstyle. Well, of course it's new, I never style my hair! But anyhow, I always pull my hair back at work and rarely wear it down. When I was searching for hairstyles, I kept coming back to similar looks.

I was mostly pleased with it. She did an amazing job keeping it loose enough that it moved, even with tons of bobby pins and about 2 gallons of hair spray. My only compliant were the sheer number of bobby pins underneath. They kept getting stuck in my dress zipper and hook&eye closure. Before the wedding even began, I was pushing them back in constantly.. and throughout the entire day.

02 September 2009

This Thing Feels Real Now

Our impending marriage feels really real now. It wasn’t the reservation with SLVW. Or the confirmation email stating our wedding date. Or the flowers and Etsy stash stockpiled in the family room. Or even all the design work I’ve been playing with for invitations. Nope, not even having the wedding dress in my closet, or attending Kim and Matt’s wedding this weekend. What made it really real and gave me head to toe goose bumps was when my mother-in-law told the waitress at lunch on Sunday, “This is my son and future daughter-in-law.” I can’t even write that without tearing up.

What made it real for you?

Also, this picture will adorn our wedding announcements. One day. Are those sent out after the wedding or before? Since we’re going to Vegas with about a dozen people and having the reception after the fact, can I include these with the reception invitations? Or send announcements and invitations later? We honestly haven’t got a clue when the reception will be so I don’t want to delay announcing things. Whatcha think?