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08 September 2009

Vegas Hotels

I feel like, even though it’s over a year away, I am at an impasse with our wedding plans. I’ve been price checking hotels with random hypothetical dates since booking for October 2010 hasn’t been opened yet on any website. I asked Steve yesterday if he cared where we stayed. Of course not; I expected nothing less from him. =)

I had looked into the Sahara, the Stratosphere, and a handful of others. Lately, I have been scouring the Treasure Island website and Googling pictures, etc. For not much more than the cheaper hotels, we can stay in a really nice room at Treasure Island.

Granted, I can’t price check airfare yet, but figure it’ll be roughly the same next year. The current plan is to fly out/ check-in on Saturday, October 9th – and head to the court house depending on the time we arrived – and to fly out/ check-out on either Tuesday or Wednesday (12th or 13th), hopefully late in the day to give us more touristy time.

My requirements, in no real order:

  • On the strip
  • Within a few blocks of transportation (bus, monorail, tram)
  • Won’t break the bank (preferably around $600)
  • Pretty room!
The pretty room thing is weird, I know, but I’m thinking we might have the wedding ceremony IN the room then travel somewhere for the rest of the pictures in our wedding package.

Where would/do you stay when heading to Vegas?


Ronnica said...

We stayed at Excalibur, and loved it. There are some really gorgeous rooms in their hotel, and the prices aren't bad either.