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22 September 2009

Ketubah's Anyone?

So, I was strolling around blog-land earlier and saw an ad for Ketubah's. I pretty desperately want one. My parents have one, my brother had one, aunts and uncles... you name it, they all have them. I think it's pretty natural that I want one. Oh yeah, and the whole I was raised Jewish thing. I am not a practicing Jew-girl in any way shape or form. I have 5 tattoo's and plan on getting more. I have had body piercings, but will be happy with the ear piercings for the rest of my life. I don't go to synagogue. I am marrying a non-Jewish boy as well. In short, I am a really non-traditional Jewish girl.

I love the Jewish culture and traditions, I just don't believe in organized religion. Neither does Steve. We will be raising our children with all religions for them to choose their own paths. But yet, I still want one of the most traditional things in the Jewish religion.

Of course, the issue of having an Interfaith Marriage sure does add a new twist to this dilemma. It does appear that there are quite a few websites out there that do have Interfaith Ketubah's, so that's good.

A few of the site's that have gorgeous Ketubot:

Image source


Daniel Sroka said...

Becca, thank you for posting a link to my ketubahs (Modern Ketubah). I am also in an interfaith relationship, and our marriage is what spurred me on to start creating ketubah. We wanted a ketubah that respected both of our traditions, yet still reflected our own personalities and style. Please let me know if you have any questions.

This is me said...

I definaly think you should get one. It's a lovely tradition.