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23 August 2009

the last 24 hours: the amazing and the horrendous

the amazing
last night after checking times and temperatures, i reserved our wedding date. yep, it's official, we are getting married on 10-10-10 at 2pm in Las Vegas. next, we need to pick locations. well, here, this is the wedding deets copied from SLVW's site...

Las Vegas Strip, package 2 - $399

  • Get married in any hotel suite, room, or condo. Ceremony and some photos will be done at one location.
  • Minister – traditional or civil ceremony
  • Professional Photographer – minimum of 30 high resolution pictures on a photo CD
  • DVD of the Ceremony (High definition widescreen 1080i video quality and Slideshow of all photos added to DVD with ceremony)
  • Witness, if needed
  • Option to get married at the world famous Las Vegas sign, hotel suite, room, condo, or select public locations on the strip
  • 1 additional public location on the Strip for 25 of your 50 photos (a minimum of 50 photos)
  • A small hand tied 6-rose bouquet for the bride
  • Groom’s boutonniere
  • Courtesy Limousine transportation to and from the ceremony for the bride and groom and up to 6 guests
We are also getting 20 extra pictures for not using their flowers, and 30 extra pictures for entering a contest they have. so, a total of 100 photos minimum.

this morning, we slept late and then, as usual, he raced to work. i putzed around the house, showered, walked Lola, and prepped the steak and potatoes for dinner tonight. then at like 2:40 i headed to the Y for belly dancing class.

...and the horrendous...
we were walking out of class and my friend Carrie said something along the lines of "what are you doing here?" and i looked, and my heart sank. i knew immediately something was wrong. it was Steve. Steve who raced to get to work by 1pm. Steve who doesn't get any breaks at his crappy job, and certainly not enough time to come all the way back to Chapel Hill to sit outside my class and read the New Yorker. yeah, *sigh*

we went out to the parking lot and he told me what happened. after a few near misses with boxes flying out of his GM's hands and getting up close and personal in his face yelled at, he just handed in his keys and walked out. that's the very concise version of it. hopefully he'll have something new soon!

so now instead of the steak and mashed potatoes with lemon cupcakes just as a meal, it's a celebration of sorts. he's not going to be beat down at work anymore and can actually come with me to Pittsburgh in 3 days. yes, even 3 days away, his GM was still dragging his feet even though Steve's been constantly asking for the time off for the last few months.

and no, we can't afford our life on my salary. we can't even afford my half of our life on my salary.

i, for reals, hope that all y'all are doing better!

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I hope he finds something soon.