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06 August 2009

Booking the Wedding

I just spent a good chunk of my lunch break trying to convince Steve that we should book our date with SLVW already. He doesn't see the point seeing as it is over a year away and things could still change. Plus, he wants to get Rosetta Stone so we can both become bilingual (Spanish) to improve chances of getting higher pay. The wedding/ photographer/ flowers/ limo/ minister/ everything else costs the same as the full Rosetta Stone package. Great! He can buy RS, and I'll pay for the wedding. Win-win, right? ;)

I will continue to work on the booking after work. Especially because he tipped the waiter $10.10 "in honor of our wedding date." Yeah buddy, I know that's our date, but can't we make it official? Not that I have the 35% down payment yet, but I will in a few weeks! After all, it's less than $175 to guarantee the date and time we want to be forever tied to one another.

I love my crazy fiance.