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11 November 2009

333 days left

Today is 11.11. Happy Veterans Day!! A very special happy happy to my future hubby. Thanks for serving our country, babe!

Today is also the 20th anniversary of my bat mitzvah (11.11.1989)

The knitted veil is getting no progress lately since my life is wrapped up with school work these days. Homework has been unbelievably insane and, if I drank, would have driven me to drink.

We've had very little progress on the wedding front. I started looking at hotels with our actual wedding date. Apparently 333 days out means hotels can open up reservations! I did a Twitter poll earlier of the Excalibur Tower Deluxe room or the Luxor Tower View room. The people that stuck to those 2 overwhelmingly voted for the Luxor. However, the Venetian, Caesar's Palace, Paris, and MGM Grand all got votes.

I would love nothing more than to splurge on our wedding-moon week in Vegas, but who knows if it's really feasible at this point.  Sure, telling people it's our wedding week might help, but no guarantees. Grrrr. Even our Vegas trip is going to be effing expensive!

What are your thoughts? If you're attending, where would you like to stay? If you're a Vegas-ite, where do you normally stay?