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29 December 2009

Interesting Turn of Events

I had no idea until today at lunch that Steve had no idea that we were having a bridal party in Vegas. since his family isn't attending, as in his brother who would be a best man in a traditional wedding, he thought we were just going out there with a few friends to get hitched. nothing formal, nothing traditional, nothing wedding-y. he just said that the more traditional my outfit is (closer to white), then more traditional things will turn out even though we're heading to Vegas to do the most untraditional wedding possible.

huh. I had no idea. I wonder who in the bridal party would still want to attend. Ii mean, my brother and Cathy are totally still attending as our family representation. but I've heard rumblings about the date falling on a Sunday and us staying out there for 5 days and some other stuff. With zero obligations to attend, I actually wonder how many guests we'd have. Oh yeah, it's a trip to Vegas with a 2-3 hour ceremony/ cupcake party.

In this light, I do think I'll be buying a blue dress, pale blue likely, so I can wear it multiple times. I have a picture in my mind of what I want, but haven't found it yet. Big poofy skirt that I can puff out with lots of crinoline to be super cute 50s chicky.

There was a family event in Miami on Saturday and I was informed afterwards that our wedding was a topic of conversation since a lot of them follow my updates on Facebook. my older brother was telling everyone to "be there or be square!" um, no. i told him that it's going to be a small wedding with just a handful of friends. he said that I needed to stop telling everyone the date and the location if I didn't want people there. I corrected him and said that the date and location, being the entire city of Las Vegas, is out there for anyone to know, but the specific location, like the actual ceremony location, will only be told to the guests we want in attendance. he got all huffy. sure, I'll be inviting family and knowing that 95% of them won't be in attendance due to a variety of reasons.

Also, big news, I've been emailed by the girl buying my dress that she's going to be able to pay me by the end of the week. She confirmed the amount tonight. YAY!