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26 March 2010

Bringing in Food

This is me not working on my midterms or paper. My brain seriously hurts.

But anyhow, I started looking for a hair salon – cuz hey, why not, right? I asked @luxorlv if there was a salon onsite for us (ok, me) to get our hair done, and she pointed me directly to their price list (PDF). Bueno! Last time I'd checked, I only saw stuff about their spa.

I'm definitely thinking of getting my hair done. Since I'll be wearing Converse, I won't need a pedicure. And since I bite the hell outta my nails, I won't need a manicure. Granted, if I really wanted a mani or pedi, I could easily get them at home the day before we leave.

I also started playing around on the Amenities page to look at the food prices for a possible in-room meal. They are crazy! I'm still totally OK with the whole group heading to one of the many buffets in Vegas after the pictures are done. However, after reading their Policies (PDF) I'm worried that we may not be able to bring the cupcakes in from Retro without an extra charge. I'll give them a buzz on Monday to double check. Pretty much because while their cakes look amazing, they are also pricey (PDF) for wedding cakes or even "special event" cakes.

198 days until we're married. Um, wasn't it just like 300++ yesterday?? Seriously, time is flying, but not fast enough.