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01 April 2010

News, Kinda huge.

So... considering how much I share with the world and how open I am with everything about my life, this one has been ridiculously hard to keep quiet. I mean, my parents hear details about my wedding from friends of theirs that I don't even know. Someone, somewhere tells them stuff, which I find highly amusing considering how non-tech savvy my parents (OK, my mom) are.

But anyhow, this news. Looks like it's a good thing that I sold the dress cuz if it didn't fit me now, it's certainly not going to fit me in 6 months when I'm closing in on the end of my pregnancy. Anyone want to send some ridiculously cute empire waist maternity wedding dresses my way??

How many tests did you take to make sure it was really real?? Yes, I knew I'd be posting this eventually and have been keeping a pregnancy journal. Oh c'mon, I can't keep anything to myself!


Hannah said...

All I could think of was "Well... my dress isn't that form fitting around the tummy area and it has pleats.... HAHAH FUNNY APRIL FOOLS!