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12 January 2010

it's another "TweetMyWedding" post =)

Since I haven't figured out how to feed my twitter into here, I decided to do another @TweetMyWedding type post. So here's a few tweets from today, both wedding and not wedding related.  OK, more not wedding..

how random, a former co-worker that despises me (told another former co-worker) reads my blog semi regularly... interesting.

This one just flat out amused the shit out of me. Yes, I have tracking on my blog for a reason... reasons like this! A few friends had theories on it, but whatever, it's not my business what she does, nor do I care enough.  It was just good for a laugh this morning when I checked my blog stats.

possible #MBA class ring. whatcha think? oh and it's $125

contemplating for MBA ring: "persistence pays" "a long time coming" "no regrets" "make the fam proud" "be a success" all totally apply! :)

Yeah, so I'm not sure why I want a class ring so badly. Maybe because I didn't get one from UF, the school I truly identify with. Maybe because my high school ring was stolen. Maybe because it's tangible as opposed to the $75K piece of paper hanging on my wall. Either way, the link above is really similar to my gorgeous wedding ring. I have 2 other possibilities with huge center stones, but this one is my favorite. And the purple and gold are ECU's colors.

As far as the engraving tweet, I decided that since my name will be changing 5 months after graduation, I don't want it on there. Sure, the diploma will have my maiden name, but whatever. I want something that reminds me of why I spent 5 years and $75K pursuing my MBA and why I didn't give up all those times I was frustrated with classes or professors or classmates.

My leading favorite is "Persistence Pays." Which one do you like and do you have other suggestions? Oh, I'm limited to 18 characters.

sweet! both the main & business graduation ceremonies are the same day. no need for 2 nights at the hotel #MBA

So, last week I booked 2 hotel rooms in Greenville for graduation. I emailed my wonderful and amazing adviser yesterday to ask when the College of Business graduation ceremony is to see if it was also on May 7th. When she replied, she didn't know and suggested I book Friday as well. I held off, but luckily I got an email from COB this afternoon stating it was at 5pm on Friday! Main ECU graduation is at 10am on Friday.

Now I just need to decide if I'm going to attend both ceremonies or just the COB one. If I only attend the COB ceremony and we're still living in NC, I can probably cancel the hotel altogether and just drive to Greenville Friday morning. It's the main ceremony that requires the hotel room since it's at 10am.

The COB ceremony is when I have my Master's hood, umm, presented to me by a faculty member of my choosing. I already know who I want to ask to present mine. He was my professor a few semesters ago and has been really helpful whenever I had a question about my MIS concentration – he's the Assistant Dean and Associate Professor of the MIS program. Yeah, he's awesome.

seems like the dress gods (& y'all's comments!) are telling me to keep the dress. 4 more months on the boards, then will start alterations.

After posting on facebook, twitter, here and livejournal, the response was overwhelming to keep the dress. This is going to be a lot of hard work (on me) and most likely a lot of money (on the dress) to be able to wear it in Vegas this October.

Wow, I can't believe that the wedding is "this" anything. One of my co-workers pointed out that on Sunday it was exactly 9 months away. Umm, wasn't it just like 13 months away yesterday?? Time is F-L-Y-I-N-G!

in royal, which? or

I currently own the first linked pair of shoes. I am also still on the Zappos mailing list for any new Annie shoes that they stock. The second link appeared in my email this afternoon. The first pair is almost plastic material – I can't really describe it. The second pair is satin and I can't tell if they'll be more comfortable. Which do you think? Keep in mind that they're for October in Vegas.

can you get a ring engraved in most jewelry stores? even if it's titanium? we didn't engrave wedding rings when they were made :(

I think this is self-explanatory... I started thinking about it again when I was looking for engravings for the grad ring. Any local (Triangle area, NC) readers know jewelers that engrave on titanium?

i seriously hope Gary puts Amber in her place. Love Catelyn & Tyler. think Farrah needs to focus on sophia. & hope Ryan grows up for Maci.

why yes, my name is Rebecca, i'm 33... and am addicted to #TeenMom

It's true, I love the hell out of this show. Have you seen it yet?