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15 January 2010

Weighty Journay

according to excel**, i need to lose 30lbs to be where i was when i bought my wedding dress. not as much as i thought. have 9 months to go.

So this was amazing to figure out. I actually don’t have all that much to lose to be the weight I was when I bought the dress. 30 pounds in 9 months? That’s only 3 pounds a month if my math is correct. And, well, since the wedding is less than 9 months and I might need dress alterations, we’ll say 6 months to lose 30 pounds. That still works out to be only 5 pounds per month. Oh, plus a whole lot of jiggly arm fat reducing exercises. Since my dress is strapless. And cuz it looks gross.

I think I might actually [try] stay up at 6:30am after Steve leaves for work and I walk Lola. That extra 90 minutes of sleep, while amazing, makes me feel like I hit a wall and it takes me forever to get back out of bed. Perhaps it’s the snuggly puppy curled against me and the warm covers, but whatever it is, it sucks. And I do have a decent amount of energy after our brisk walk in the sub-freezing temperatures. I could *gasp* do a workout DVD then take my time getting ready for work. I could actually make breakfast instead of grabbing a yogurt and swinging by Starbucks for either a bagel or spinach feta wrap and a Venti chai. Sure, I’ll miss my chai, but it may help me lose weight to not drink so many of them!

This is kinda my accountability. I figure if I write about it and have a goal in mind, I may do it. I’m just so lazy! No, not lazy, would rather sit and knit then sweat and exercise. And don’t say pool, cuz me and bathing suits have a long history of mutual hatred. =)

Inspiration. And not even the smallest I've been in my adult life.

**Yes, I tracked my weight watchers journey in excel... what of it? ;-)


Accidentally_Mommy said...

You know, the writing out the plans thing is actually working on my end. I told everyone in their brother that I'm losing 100 lbs in 2010, and all I imagine when I go to almost bail on a walk or workout is "but now everyone knows..." and I don't skip. ;P I'll be your accountability buddy if you'd like.

cheersabby said...

you're awesome miss lady, and i know you can do it! LOVES.

Anonymous said...

Warrior X Fit.. it takes care of your core, cardio and strength buiding...and you dont have to leave home!!!
You can do it......
In case this thing wont its me zeffer