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01 May 2010

A real update!

I know I do not post nearly as much as I should. But in all honesty, I do the majority of my wedding "planning" on twitter these days. I am also the featured bride on Tuesdays over on TweetMyWedding. The other brides are amazing and you should really go check us all out. :)

sneak peek of the design for all the "invites"

That little plug aside, I've finalized the design for our "invites" and just need the final head count to order them. I put it in quotes because it's a whole package of Vegas wedding announcements, Miami reception invitation cards, Miami reception RSVP cards, and little cards for our photo dump website. Our what? You know... when you go to a wedding, take tons of pictures with your camera then eventually get around to putting them on Facebook. Well, I created a Shutterfly site specifically for people to be able to upload everything there so we can see what everyone has done. We, and anyone viewing the site, can create books, bags, or whatever else from those pictures.

My main reason for posting is that we have been working on the guest list in the last few days. We have a fairly comprehensive list of family and friends. The problem lies in my father's family. To say they're all estranged is probably too harsh of a word. I am good friends with one of my cousin's, and facebook friends with her and 3 others. However, my father hasn't uttered a word to his step-mother, step-brother or step-sister in years. We kinda like it that way. My dilemma is do we be the bigger people and invite the lot hoping the "adults" decline and the cousins I like accept, or just not invite anyone?

What do you think? I can give back story if you want via email.



Ashley @ Bride on a Budget said...

I probably wouldn't invite at all. You don't want people you don't like possibly coming to your wedding.

Oh, and I just saw that I got replaced on tweet my wedding. Never got a notification either. Guess I won't be doing a recap post.

Kam said...

yeah if you dont want them to actually attend dont invite. Avoid anything that could be awkward on your day.

Becca said...

That's horrible! I've been reading them on your blog and totally love them! :)

And yeah, it's leaning towards not inviting them. Dad said he didn't know what to do since it's his fam and he'd rather not deal with the criticism and everything else.

Angela said...

What I learned during my (first) wedding, is that whatever choice you make will offend/anger/upset someone. Do what will make you happy, you're the one that matters.


Chanele said...

I wouldn't invite them at all. My family is estranged from my aunt and I wouldn't dream of inviting her. I think it's the best bet.