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26 July 2009

Adoring my Fiance

This note is reason #843 why I adore my fiance. Last July was the beginning of our life under the same roof. My lease was expiring in July, but Steve's wasn't expiring until October. The plan was for me to move into his tiny 1-bedroom for 3 months and then we'd move into our larger 2-bedroom place in October.

I gave myself a week to move and clean my place. The evening I was going over to clean everything, I arrived to find this note stuck to my front door. Unsure of what to expect, I slowly opened the door. The apartment was spotless.


He came over on his day off and vacuumed, scrubbed and swept up my entire apartment. All I had to do was load up my car with everything and dump stuff off at the dumpster. I didn't have to drive myself crazy cleaning and stressing out. He made my last moments at my beloved villa apartment that much better.

I know this isn't a wedding-related post, but it kinda is since it's why I adore my fiance so so much!