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24 July 2009

Vegas Anyone?

There is a very high, like 85%, chance that our wedding will be held in Las Vegas.

I was given the name of a company called Scenic Las Vegas Weddings that performed my friend Jody's wedding last year. I have been in contact with SLVW multiple times and perused their website incessantly. They are an amazing company with loads of wedding packages. We are currently deciding between the $399 and $499 Vegas Strip packages. The only real difference is the number of locations for photographs; 2 versus 3.

What I need from you is locations for the pictures. So send them my way! What are the best, most amazing locations for pictures - wedding or otherwise - and including the Vegas sign, neon graveyard, hotels, landmarks, etc? Once I gather all the info, I'll post a poll to see what everyone thinks. Of course, the final decision will be up to Steve and I. :)

Hit us with your locations!


Anonymous said...

I read the entry about your Vegas wedding and taking a tour of the Grand Canyon when you're there. I wanted to *highly* recommend Marv from for the best Grand Canyon tour ever. He grew up in the area and knows it like the back of his hand. He's very personable, funny, and really knows his stuff. You won't find a better guide and his tour was the highlight of our Vegas trip