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27 July 2009

Buy my Wedding Dress? Please!

clearly, this is not my wedding dress, but a super cute puppyWhen we got engaged in April 2008, I foolishly went out and bought a wedding dress. I only say foolishly because we had no idea what kind of wedding we were going to have, where it would be held, if we'd need to travel, etc etc etc.

Now, with a Vegas wedding, a long plane ride with layovers each way, and Steve not wanting to see my dress, I need to sell it. If we're lucky enough to arrive on a morning flight into Vegas the day before the wedding, there will not be enough time to fix the dress back to the perfection that it deserves. This of course assumes that I am allowed to carry the dress on to the plane with us. The bottom is so poofy that it's seriously like carrying a dead body. We will probably have to buy a seat for it. OY.

Don't get me wrong, the dress is the most gorgeous dress I tried on and made me feel like a complete princess in it. I went to David's Bridal 3 times and all 3 times I tried it on, loving it to pieces. I took picture after picture; posting them all on a secret website to hide from Steve.

Here is my beautiful gown, in all her glory, listed on, just itching for a new owner to love it as much as I do. I could stare at it all day long if I could keep Steve from seeing it.

The only reason I am not posting a picture of it here is in case Steve decides to start reading. He might flip out if he does see it and I don't want to do that to him!

I would love to wear a dress like

this: or even this:

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