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27 July 2009

More Vegas Stuff

i was reading one of my favorite wedding blogs this morning, Help Me Pay for my Wedding, and came across this post about tacky weddings. why on earth do people feel they can dictate what is tacky and simply not their taste? The article she has linked actually disgusts me.

we are going to Vegas next October with about 10-15 friends and my brother and his girlfriend. that's it. whenever we can afford the big party, that's when we'll have it, complete with a mock ceremony for my parents, aunts, uncles, grandmother, and the other 150 people that i simply don't want mucking up our amazing wedding day. i have been getting grief from lots of people already. i already know that i will catch a load of crap from ummm most people for going to Vegas. "ugh, how tacky, why didn't they just have a nice wedding?"

i personally think there is nothing wrong with Vegas or a Sunday brunch or an adult-only affair. this is our wedding and we *really* don't want to get married in Miami (where the party will be) simply because that is where the majority of the family is and where we have a free location at my parents 8-acre home. thanks, but no. call us tacky all you want, but i will be having the wedding i want. and at 33 and 39 on our wedding day, we don't need big and lavish anymore. we want pictures along the Strip, tours of the Grand Canyon, Hoover Dam, and, oh yeah... Vegas for 5 days!

we are already having people exclaim how cool it is that we're going to Vegas. a few have said that if they knew when, they'd be there in a second. so apparently it's not just large "traditional" weddings that have self-invited guests. as it is, Steve and i started working on the guest list a few nights ago. we have 10 definite and 25 possible guests. the definites are bridesmaids and spouses, my brother and his girlfriend, and a few others. the maybes are our immediate families and a handful of other friends.

and because the wedding is in the desert and we love our guests, these are the potential wedding favors. they are stainless steel water bottles from World Market and are currently on sale for $5 each! They have green, blue, orange and silver and we'll probably get an assortment of colors. I am currently thinking of buying caribeaners (sp?) and making some sort of "hey thanks for coming to our wedding" tag to attach to each bottle.

whatcha think?