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28 July 2009

Wedding Info Dump from my Journal

Evening my lovelies!

So I have had an online journal for many many years, but it's locked down tight since I discuss everything in the world on it - good, bad and very ugly. There is a good chunk of stuff on it that relates to the wedding, and I've decided to pull all that out and put it into this blog. Prepare for an influx of ideas! :)

since getting engaged in April 2008, we have discussed getting married in port before a cruise (honeymoon) sails, getting married on an island mid-cruise in the Caribbean, getting married in Miami, Chapel Hill, and Vegas; having a big 100++ person bash or having a handful of people in either Vegas or Miami and the reception for 100++ later; eloping to the JoP. in all this discussion, the date just kept getting pushed back and back and back. i think we've actually settled on 10-10-10 finally. we needed a memorable date for Steve - his mind is great with math, but not numbers, whereas i can still remember my first ever cell phone number but am terrible at math.

my wedding ring was ordered on April 22, 2009. Steve's ring arrived on May 27, 2009. mine was ordered through Etsy seller: JewelryByJohan, and his was ordered through Etsy seller TitaniumKnights.

apparently loads of discussion culminated in a definite Vegas wedding on February 17, 2009, according to my other journal. :)

We went to Miami to visit my [entire] family and for Steve to meet them. he asked my dad, very non-nonchalantly!, if he could marry me. dad, of course, said yes since everyone loves Steve! April 5, 2009 from my journal:
daddy said yes. no surprise there though. my older brother likes him. younger one seems to as well. and of course mom and dad do too. pretty much everyone he met this weekend thinks he's awesome and that we're awesome together.

my darling bridesmaids bouquets consist of...

1 stick of red/ orange orchids - palaneopsis i think, 2 bunches mini white Calla Lilies, 3 sticks of Stephanotis (with pearls in the center), 2 things of grass for more green.
the stems are wrapped up and pinned tightly with a dark blue ribbon and a sheer white with silver stars ribbon overlay.

no clue what mine will look like. probably the same flowers with a few deep orange large Calla Lilies. we shall see.